Is Jenny McCarthy a Danger to the World?

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  1. And all this time I thought McCarthy was parody proof. I stand corrected, sir! LOL!

  2. Robert Maynard says:

    You nailed the Colbert pronunciation of “reading books” :P

  3. But did she ever SHOW you her GUT? How do you know she even HAS one? Gotta have some evidence, you know. Public display of snot doesn’t cut it. She could be pulling it out of her ears.

    Honestly, the woman is nothing more than a blatant self-promoter, and this time, instead of trading on that fab bod, she’s pimping out her kid to do it.

  4. did anyone see the amanda peet spot calling out anti-vaxxers?

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  6. Bravo, bravo!

  7. Great writing.
    But, does not imitate Colbert well enough.

  8. Hello. Fantastic job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your total site. Thanks!

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